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"Pain is temporary!"
-An able-bodied person who has never experienced chronic pain and refuses to listen to those who have (via recklesslyhopeful)

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star wars female character meme  [3 colors]

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got s4 challenge: [day 7] favourite main character → the dragons

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Ha oh my god.

I had this really fucked up dream with Majen, Kat, guy R, and all the people I grew up with…

So I was telling them about it when we went into gold ranch to get gas and ice, and of course guy R was there.
And I mean I see him every time I go in, basically, but I always attempt to look busy which apparently works because he hasn’t talked to me since last year.

But OH MY GOD he passed by us and started chatting with me and I just attempted to be polite, but as soon as he walked out of eye sight we all just started laughing so fucking hard.

It’s just like, ha, of all the times to actually talk to me was after that insanely fucked up dream… oh my god.

Oh, and Kat and Majen were like, wow, that’s a horrible dream, and I just laughed it off because yeah sure it was awful, but actually really tame compared to most of my dreams.


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i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

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I remember when they screened it [the “I am your father” scene], Harrison turned around and said “I didn’t know that! Why the f*&^ didn’t you tell me?!

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